Let's get physical with exercise and epilepsy.... 

"I have never been the most active person, and I was really overweight as a kid, so I know what it feels like to just want to skip out on the gym and choose that nap instead. Beleieve me, I still take a nap when I can, but I try to make exercise a part of my life, especially because of the positive affect it has with anxiety, depression, and stress. Sometimes you just need to throw on those shoes, plug in those headphones and take a walk outside..."

The following posts can be found on the blog...these are just some teasers!

  1. hiking with epilepsy
    Hiking Leads to More....
  2. yoga and epilepsy
    Y O G A
  3. Epilepsy Meditation
    & M E D I T A T I O N
  4. epilepsy exercise
    Choose What's Best