My types of seizures are...

This website is intended to share my story and my journey with epilepsy. I will continue to travel with epilepsy literally and figuratively as well. I am done being quiet and feeling judged, so I am putting it out for anyone to see. "You may seem "normal" on the outside but you never know what truly goes on in the mind."~Yours Truly

"I have complex-partial and simple-partial seizures that originate from the right frontal lobe of the brain. I have had every test that is non-invasive and do not plan on getting surgery at this point. I just trust in the Lord and the medicine, while trying to take care of my body as best as possible. I'm always looking out for alterantive medicinal methods as well such as meditation and other forms of therapy.

Driving...this is a hot topic amongst many of us

We all know it sucks when you're seizures aren't "controlled" but when you are told at age 15 that you can't drive until a certain amount of "grace period time" that's when it really started to set in. I wasn't able to drive for the first two years in High School because my doctor got the DMV involved with my medical records. Everyone has different seizures, so it depends on each case and what the doctor thinks.

Looking for resources and a cure...

Spreading Awareness

The Epilepsy Foundation has some amazing resources and holds events throughout the year in order for people to connect and learn more. I never wanted to attend because like I said, I was embarrassed and afraid to put myself out there; sometimes it's easier to write about it than speak about it. I attended my first event this past month and really met some amazing people.

I am going to continue to educate others about epilepsy and share my story, I know that there are others out there who have felt, or feel the way I do when it comes to talking about having epilepsy. A support system makes the biggest difference, and I honestly have no one to relate to outside of that. I am the only one in my family to ever even have seizures. #blacksheepofthefamily